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Q: How do I pick between a left or right handed VVP or VVE?

A: First you need to consider where you will stand facing the mirror. Then you want to determine if the unit will sit to your right or left. That is the model you will select. As for the wire wraps, they should be closest to you since you need to first release the wires to access the tool. You turn the knob, release the cord, and then reach for the tool. When done, you put the tool in its tube and then wrap the wire and close the door. The wire wrappers are the first and last item you must use to keep your system organized. Therefore you want them to be the easiest to access. If you turn the system around it will not work because you will have to walk around the unit to wrap the cords. We tested and considered many options before concluding or launching any model.

Q: Is there a minimum height required for the VVS?

A: The minimum height for your cabinet opening is 4″. This height is necessary to remove the head of your blow dryer. If you are able to provide a larger opening, then the experience is even more comfortable because you won’t hit walls. If you are able to create a custom opening, we recommend 5″ or more. To improve comfort, we also recommend you round the inner edge of the bottom of the cabinet opening and the outer edge of the top of the cabinet opening. This will ensure your hand moves in and out without rubbing against an edge.

Q: What happens when I change the width of a custom VVE?

A: We offer custom VVE units, which means you can customize the width. This affects the size of your product holder section. With a 13″ width, you are left with a 3 3/8″ opening space to store your tools. With a 15″ width, that space increases to 5 3/8″.

Q: How do I mount the VVU, VVP, and VVE to the sides of my cabinet without hitting my hinges?

A: Furring is a technique used to push your item past a frame and hinges. We provide spacers which you can install to mount your glides to so that you can pull the unit past any obstructions. The other way to create this same affect is to use a piece or multiple pieces of wood that attach to the wall and then your glides will attach to the furred out element. Measure to the outer edge of your hinge to determine how much you should fur.

Q: Will your 90 degree hinge work for a panel door that lifts up and needs to stay open?

A: Our hinge will open a cabinet door either up or down but is designed to work with gravity. If you are considering a panel that will lift up, you will want additional hydraulic or locking support. When a panel opens downward it locks into place. As long as you aren’t using more than 10lbs of weight, this hinge will hold on its own. If you are using more weight, you should consider adding additional support like a chain or arm hinge.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Yes. We can ship internationally. Simply contact us directly with the address and we can quote the shipping costs. Unfortunately we cannot handle any VAT or other costs associated with other countries.

Q: Do you offer gift options?

A: Our packages ship in standard cardboard boxes with no print. If you have any other particular needs, please contact us directly. Our goal is to make sure you have an outstanding shopping experience.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We stand behind our products and want to ensure you get what you want. Most of our products are returnable within 30 days of receipt. The only products that are not returnable are those that are customized. We build those to your specifications and ask you to contact us with any questions or concerns to clarify any issues before the item is created. For returnable items, please contact us and mail the product back with its original packing material to ensure no damage. Once received undamaged, we will refund you for the cost of the item.

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