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Common Questions

Finding the right solution to organize your tools is the key to making your bathroom your pamper room.

Q: How much weight can the HG90 hinge support?

A: The HG90 is designed to support a false front panel If additional weight is needed we recommend you provide additional support with either a hydraulic or chain.

Q: Can the HG90 be used to lift and hold a cabinet door up?

A: Unfortunately not. The HG90 is designed to work with gravity.

Q: What is the minimum height requirement for the Vanity Valet Pullout?

A: The Pullout is made of two parts. If height is a limitation the top portion that stores hair tools only requires 18″. The optional bottom portion is 2″ in height, You could avoid installing it, or just use it as a 2″ drawer. If you want to store taller items, you will need to provide additional height between the base drawer and the top portion.

Once you’ve had a Vanity Valet, you can’t imagine life without one.

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